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"The workshop that you designed for us was right on target. I attribute this to the fact that you took the time and care in planning the session and inquired into the specific goals of our group."

Susan Snyder, MD
Director, Harbor-UCLA Family Medicine

Maureen Rhyne, Ph.D.

Maureen Rhyne, Ph.D. | executive and mnagement leadership training, Orange County, CA

As a psychologist, Dr. Rhyne is well versed in the use of assessments for a myriad of purposes. For over 25 years Dr. Rhyne has used many self-report assessments with individuals and groups to improve their self-awareness and understanding and to enhance their valuing of differences, thereby increasing their effectiveness in interpersonal relationships both personally and professionally. There are many instruments of this sort on the market and they are used widely in business and educational settings. While valuable in what they provide, they are not intended to be used for selection and hiring.

Assessments are an important part of the selection process. "Using a variety of assessment tools enables you to get a more complete picture of the individual. The practice of using a variety of tests and procedures to more fully assess people is referred to as the whole-person approach to personnel assessment. This will help reduce the number of selection errors made and will boost the effectiveness of your decision making." Testing and Assessment: An Employer's Guide to Good Practices, US Department of Labor 1999.

The Prevue Assessment System is an entire battery of tests in one instrument measuring General Abilities, Motivation and Interests, and Personality. Prevue assessment exceeds the Department of Labor’s validity and reliability requirements for assessments used in selection.  The full battery is administered on line, takes one hour to complete and is intended to be one third of the selection process along with History (resume, references etc) and the Interview. Heritage Associates Inc. has concluded that the Prevue Assessment System is best of class for employee selection, employee retention and succession planning.

In addition to the Prevue Assessment system, we provide a variety of other assessment tools including but not limited to 360 evaluations, emotional intelligence and team building.

For more about the Prevue Assessment System information click here.

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